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Cleaning your espresso coffee machines should be a straight affair. Cleaning is the fundamental component of maintenance.

Professional intervention may be needed in case of major technical complications. Eastlink Espresso, one of the most widely recognized coffee machines service experts, is especially celebrated for its in-depth mode of work and highly affordable services.

There are 5 basic criteria to keep in mind while cleaning an espresso machines.

Scrub The Steam Wand

The steam wand is one of the most fundamental components of the espresso machines.

Therefore, make sure to scrub the wand thoroughly and regularly. Preferably, you may use a cloth soaked in hot water to wipe the wand.

At the same time it is important to keep in mind that the wand should never be scraped using a hard material as the surface (typically made of stainless steel) might retain minor scratches.

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Take Help of Coffee Detergent

The grouphead parts such as filter, basket, shower-screen and steam wands should preferably be soaked in coffee detergent.

As regards the storm wand make sure to unscrew it. Additionally, it is important to ensure that is purged of any amount of leftover milk.

The milk should not be allowed to drain back into the boiler. The different parts should be soaked in a solution of coffee detergent and hot water.


Backflusing is one of the most critical steps. However, not all espresso machines can be backflushed.

If your machines is three-valved, you may consider the step. In that case, it is generally recommended to backflush the machines at least twice a week.

The process is essentially meant to ascertain whether or not the brewing valves and the water lines are thoroughly cleansed of contaminants.


Yet another significant aspect of the cleaning process is descaling. As you know, it is mandatory to use filtered water for your espresso machines.

Therefore, descaling is a critical component and should preferably be done at least once in every three to five months. Besides, timely maintenance ensures considerable savings on repair costs and premature replacement expenses.

Another major benefit of descaling is that it flushes out the mineral deposits. Technically, water that is harder than 50 ppm will inevitably lead to the accumulation of calcium and magnesium deposits.

Ensure Regular Cleaning

As it is, your espresso machines is more or less frequently operated. Therefore, it is vital to pursue the cleaning process on a fairly daily basis in order to keep up its fluent functioning.

As mentioned earlier, additional replacement costs for minor but momentous issues might be irksome at best. Besides, a properly cleaned machines ensures that your taste preferences are met. For instance, an ill-maintained machines might fail to give frothed milk, let bubbles linger on the surface etc. In order to prevent these issues it is always advised to keep repeating the cleaning process.

The aforementioned are only some of the basic aspects involved. In case of major setbacks it is always preferable to consider appropriate professional intervention.