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You still need the best coffee (with the right balance and mixture) even when you are in a hurry. However, this is only possible with the best espresso machines. So what are some of the best Gaggia coffee machines you should opt for to make the best coffee?

4 Gaggia Coffee Machines: Quick Review

gaggia coffee machines

1. New Classic

The New Classic, also known as the Classic Pro, is a 2019 upgrade of the popular Gaggia Classic. Besides upgrading the Gaggia Classic, the New Classic Espresso machines is now 100% made by an Italian brand.

The upgraded version of Gaggia Classic also comes with excellent features such as streamlined controls (steam, rocker switches, and brewing), updated frames, and enhanced pump mounts, making them more efficient.


  • The contemporary steam wand makes the New Classic elevate and be more impactful
  • The indicator lights and rocker switches make the interface simple
  • It remains available to relative novices


  • The New Classic has a higher price tag than the Gaggia Classic

2. Gaggia Babila

Gaggia Babila has been in the market for quite some time now—to help coffee lovers brew the best coffee. With this coffee maker, you can make up to eight excellent drinks with just a press of the button—easy peasy!

You’ll find this coffee making machines easy to use and clean. Additionally, the Gaggia Babila can aid in rinsing the milk carafe after every use. But that’s not all—this coffee maker’s removable design allows for manual cleaning.


  • Straightforward to use and clean
  • Its sliding design allows for manual cleaning
  • It is programmed for one-time brewing


  • Can be a bit pricey for those on a limited budget

3. Gaggia Cadorna

This is an Italian-made coffee maker, built using high-quality materials suited for those who want to make the best coffee.

Despite the outside being made from plastic, this coffee machines has the best aesthetic to satisfy the needs of any coffee brewer. Besides, this Gaggia Cardona features a metallic appearance to give it a stunning look on any countertop.

With this coffee machine’s stainless steel-lined aluminium build, and a quick heat thermometer boiler, expect a fast preheating—enabling coffee lovers, especially those in a hurry to brew their delicious coffee in no time—in 60 seconds precisely.


  • This coffee machines features a ceramic built-in grinder
  • You’ll froth your milk twice and eliminate any bubbles using this coffee machines
  • You can prepare up to 14 various drinks


  • Can be a bit complex for a newbie coffee brewer

4. Anima

Anima is the no-frills version of the Anima trio and the best of the three machines. Even though it’s tall, it’s slim enough to fit in your cabinet.

Similarly, it’s also an automatic machines which is a bonus, but you’ll need to ensure that your milk is steam efficient if you want to enjoy this machines. Just by pressing a button, you can brew your lungos and expresses.


  • Its programmability matches its price as it also pulls a fantastic shot
  • Relatively low cost compared to other Anima models
  • It’s slim, which makes it a great fit for home use


  • Its plastic exterior isn’t convincing for its relative price
  • Users, It does not give room for manual interaction, which is disappointing for most users

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