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Italians are the ones who made espresso coffee as we know it!

Espresso Machines are definitely an investment, so making a decision on which one to invest is no easy. But we are sure that investing in a high-quality espresso machines will pay itself in the long run. Italian brands espresso machines are expensive due the companies manufacture them in house. That assures you high-quality build.

Italian coffee culture is strong, but Melburnians and Australians are getting on top for quality espresso at home.

Quality espresso machines are for coffee lovers, if you are considering purchasing an espresso machines, be fully aware of which factors you value most in order to brew the best espresso:

  • Performance

  • Quality

  • User-friendliness

  • Cleaning & maintenance

  • Experience

Best italian brands Espresso machines Ranking 2021 


From $550 to $1500 Single Boiler Espresso Machines

Entry level italian espresso machines, reliable, durable, easy to use. single boiler, professional & powerfull steam wand.

Gaggia Classic Pro – Gaggia Milano

prodotto gaggia

Upgrade steam wand

New switches

Naked filter available

Rancilio Silvia – Rancilio Group

east link espresso machines

Warm up mode

Powerfull steam wand

Professional tamper included

Lelit Combi – Lelit

coffee machines lelit combiProfessional steam wand

Pressure Gauge

Grinder Included

From 1500 to $3000 Heater Exchange Coffee Machines 

Best value home espresso machines

  • The ability to steam and brew espresso concurrently.
  • The large volume of water in the boiler helps achieve consistency from shot to shot as well as allowing a significant number of shots to be pulled successively without a drop in temperature of the brew water or steam.
  • Fresh water is supplied for each pull since a minimum amount of water is held in the heat exchanger boiler.

rocket appartamento copper

2.5 Liters water tank

Naked Handle included

Professional Tamper included

Coffee – Steam same time

Lelit Mara X

Lelit Mara X

Innovative heatig system

small footprint

2.7 Liters water tank

coffee or steam priority mode

Boiler/pump pressure pump

Isomac Tea Due

isomac tea due

3 Liters water tank

Boiler/Pump Pressure

Group Pressure gauge

Cool Touch steam wand

From $3000 to 5500 Heater Exchages, Dual Boiler, PID, and more.. 

Big boilers, beutifull details, flow control devices, dual boiler espresso machines, rotary pump,

Displays, PID and more..

Mechanika Slim – ECM Manufacture

ECM Mechanika Slim guide

2.2 Liters boiler

ECM top notch quality group actuator, handles and details

Extremely quite pump with vibration damping mounts

2.8 Liter Water Tank

Lelit Bianca – Lelit

lelit bianca

Flow Control integrated

Dual Boiler

Plumbed in optional


Rocket Cianquantotto – Rocket Milano

Rocket R cinquantotto

Short timer with extraction

Dual Boiler with extreme perform

Plumbed in optional

Touchscreen LCD with timer function

ECM Synchronika – ECM manufacture

ECM Synchronika Buying GuideDual Boiler high quality Stainless steel

Dual boiler high quality stainless steel

PID with integrated shot timer

Up to to 2.1 bar steam pressure

Plumbed in or water tank

ECM top notch quality and attention to the details

Still not sure what espresso machines suits all your needs?

Still unsure? What espresso machines to buy? 

At Eastlink Espresso, you are assured of getting the best coffe machines customer  service around Melbourne.  We’ve got experts who know what they’re doing. Whether you need a commercial or domestic coffee machines, we’ll always be at your service. Take a moment to research our range of Coffee machines or just reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to help you as soon as possible.

Give us a call to discuss details 03 9738 2516  or come to visit us to our showroom located in 11/603 Boronia Rd, Wantirna 3152 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Remember to dont drink coffee before! We will make you one 🙂