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Coffee machines need care and attention to remain running and to produce top-quality coffee. Make sure you know the methods to keep your coffee machines clean. To help you maintain and clean your machines, we will walk through some of the top tips and methods for DeLonghi coffee machines repairs and maintenance. Often people forget about cleaning their equipment, especially when it comes to a coffee machines. In fact, 1 in 10 of our customers has never cleaned their machines. If you are one of them, then it’s not too late to save your coffee equipment.

Bean to Cup Machines

This type of coffee machines is one of the freshest coffee machines out there because they grind the coffee beans on demand, offering the best espresso. There are different features on the machines that needs varying levels of attention. A common problem is that coffee grounds can get stuck inside the brew group. Your manual should explain this and some machines come with brushes to get rid of the grounds.

A lot of bean to cup machines come with a steam pipe that froths milk for use making cappuccinos and lattes. This needs regular attention because if you fail to clean the pipes after usage, you will find that the pipes will start to be blocked and not produce the steam needed to froth the milk. To avoid this from happening, wipe the outside of the pipe with a damp cloth after you have made your milk froth every single time.

Traditional Espresso Machines

This type of machines has a brew head, which is where high pressured hot water filters through the coffee. The brew head needs consistent cleaning where it is flushed through with water. Often, the coffee grounds get clogged up, so you will need to empty the basket to stop this from happening. Another feature that needs cleaning is the portafilter. If your tamper is over-pressured this could cause serious damage to the machines as water can leak through the portafilter as it gets attached to the brew head.

What Cleaning Products Should You Use?

You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on this, particularly when the machines is new, since using the recommended cleaning products could be a condition of the warranty. These recommendations can usually be found on the internet or the handbook provided upon purchase. Not using any or using the incorrect cleaning product on your espresso machines could damage it and may lead to costly repair costs and the loss of sales.