Are you dreaming of making cafe-quality coffees at home, but a little short on space? Well don’t worry, all you need is a small coffee machine!

There are plenty of small coffee machines on the market today. And making the switch from buying coffee at cafes to brewing at home comes with its advantages.

In this article, we’ll explore the best small coffee machine for daily use at home.

Lelit Mara X

At just 22cm wide, the Lelit Mara X is a small coffee machine that’s big on features.

As a heat exchanger machine, it keeps water in the boiler at temperatures high enough to make steam, creating the perfect silky smooth milk every time.

The Lelit Mara X is the perfect small coffee machine for daily use, with an easy to remove cabinet that slides out to clean. This machine is great for tight spaces, though you will need a little wiggle room for the steam wand as it extends out a little further.

This small coffee machine comes with a load of accessories too; including a tamper, nice and heavy portafilter, rack to raise small espresso cups, a blind filter head as well as some cleaning accessories.
And with the quality Italian craftsmanship that the Lelit brand is renowned for, this is one small coffee machine that will last you for many years to come.

Lelit Bianca

If you’ve got a little more room to play with, the Lelit Bianca is marginally larger than the Mara at 29cm wide. That’s because this small coffee machine needs more room for all the extra features!

The Lelit Bianca is a dual boiler coffee machine, meaning that it has 2 boilers instead of the 1 in heat exchanger machines like the Mara. That being said, both types of machines are capable of producing the high temperatures needed for steam and high-quality espresso shots.

The special thing about the Lelit Bianca which makes it the perfect small coffee machine for daily use is the flow control device. This gives you a lot more control over every shot you pull, and it’s by far the most affordable coffee machine with this kind of functionality.

The Lelit Bianca offers a fantastic user experience and is incredibly quiet while in use, making it a great option as a small coffee machine for your daily cup of joe. And the walnut accents give this machine an extra stylish touch.

Eastlink Espresso: Offering you the best small coffee machine

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