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Coffee Equipment Melbourne

I’m guessing you’re here looking for the best coffee grinder for home use. That simply means you understand the importance of using ground coffee to brew that perfect cup. So when it comes to finding the right coffee equipment in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place.

coffee equipment melbourne
This post will walk you through everything you need to know about coffee grinders, including the factors to consider when buying a grinder.

Whether you want to grind for drip coffee or take a pull of espresso, this guide will come in handy to help you make the right choice.

Burr Size

When choosing the best coffee grinder, the burr size is an essential consideration—the bigger your burr, the more efficient it is. Additionally, the cutting area just gets better with a bigger burr size.

A burr with a greater diameter results in fewer rotations during the grinding process, giving you quicker results than a more rapid spin. In other words, faster spins are equated to cooler actions, preventing instances of “baking” your coffee beans while grinding.

Therefore, in a bid to amend the notion that bigger is better, this context confirms that, indeed, a fast grinder surpasses a bigger one. Additionally, high speed is a feature on which you should be keen.

Rapid doses reduce the chances of static electricity accumulation within the grinds, an occurrence that can cause channelling, uneven distribution or worse, clumping.

Burr Shape

The shape is best matched with the size, meaning that both should be burr. The cutting surface of conically shaped burr equipment is better than one flat despite the similarities in diameter. Additionally, their spins are slower since they rely on gravity instead of centrifugal forces when releasing the grounds.

Does this mean that a conically shaped burr grinder is more suitable than the other shapes? The answer to this narrows down to your preferences. However, if you want finer particles of your ground coffee, the conical burr grinders are your best solution. With fine grounds comes floral flavours, which are also lighter than other particle sizes.

Perks of “fines” in your ground coffee include the development of less restrictive pathways, also called channelling when using espresso puck. Such issues are not common with a flat burr grinder since they release particle sizes that are more uniform, resulting in the consistency of your coffee. The balance created through this absorption gives you an espresso that mirrors the traditionally brewed ones.

Additionally, conical burr grinders do not retain grounds after the process as gravity eliminates them. On the contrary, flat grinders are likely to retain these remains since centrifugal force is insufficient to get rid of them. The stuck grounds affect the taste and flavours of the next batch.

Motor Size

The last feature to look out for is the grinder’s motor size. The best approach to this is holding on to the fact that bigger motors are more powerful, hence better espresso for you.

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