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No matter what type or which brand of coffee machines you have invested in, you are most likely to encounter Common Problems Of Coffee Machines. Unfortunately, these problems often restrict people from enjoying their cup of coffee at the beginning of a new day as well as other times. Hence, before you start facing problems with your domestic or commercial coffee machines, it is better to focus on the common issues faced by most people at some point in time. Along with these problems, you should also be aware of how to resolve these problems with commercial and domestic coffee machines repairs.

Problems with Espresso Coffee Machines

It is quite disheartening when you find that your espresso coffee machines cannot pour the shots properly or its grind turns coarse. Another common problem is the leakage of water around the group handle.


If you find that your coffee machines cannot grind coffee rightly, it may indicate that it’s time to change its blades as soon as possible. Similarly, leaking water around the group handle means that its seal is not intact. In order to troubleshoot the problems of grinding, you should check whether there are any issues regarding loose plumbing or clogging problems.

If you find the problems are out of your control, it is better to call the right coffee machines repair expert such as Eastlink Espresso which has an immense reputation for providing the best solution for coffee machines.

Common Problems of Coffee Machines

Although a few coffee machines cause usage problems, it is often recommended to check the mechanism that creates the coffee and wash it often, for avoiding future complications. As a result, the coffee is often burned or is weak due to excessive oils of the coffee building on the shower screen and ends up with a bitter taste. If the problem continues for a long time, the chances are to break something inside. before that happens contact a service repair and book your visit!


The best solution for your coffee machines is to choose a machines that can turn off automatically after the brewing and also service your machines every year!

Problems with Manual Coffee Machines

A lot of people prefer to go with Manual E-61 coffee machines as they find them simple and easy enough to operate. However, some users also face problems with these amazing machines,  and the problems can be worse if proper attention is not given. Another common problem with these coffee machines is the pressure or overheating of the machines.


The best thing to use a coffee machines and avoid its problem is to go through the user manual before using it. This way, you can understand how to operate it and as the manual always says, do not have the machines all day ON.. However, if you face a problem with clogging, it is advised to hire experts for commercial or domestic coffee machines repairs as they are dedicated enough to repair your coffee machines.