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If you have an ECM coffee machines, regular machines maintenance is critical to extending the life of your unit. Without proper maintenance, you’ll be sending it off for ECM coffee machines repairs much more often than you’d like.

The vast majority of ECM coffee machines failures are due to a lack of proper care and cleaning. And it’s worth noting that most manufacturer warranties won’t cop the bill for ECM coffee machines repairs if you’ve been negligent to your unit.

But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll share some tips on coffee machines maintenance so you’ll never have to worry about paying for ECM coffee machines repairs.

ecm coffee machines repairs

Backflushing your ECM coffee machines

The best way to taste good coffee from an ECM coffee machines is to backflush it at least once per week. To do this you’ll need backflush powder, a blind filter (the disc with no holes in it) and your portafilter. Place the recommended amount of backflush powder into your portafilter and lock it into your group head. Let the water run for 7-10 seconds and repeat 5 times. Then rinse out the group head to remove any chemicals. Backflushing regularly ensures that your coffee shots taste clean and fresh. There also won’t be any need for ECM coffee machines repairs due to a lack of maintenance in the shower screen & group head.

Steam Wand cleaning on your ECM coffee machines

This maintenance task needs to be completed daily once you’ve finished using your ECM coffee machines. Milk residue builds up quickly on a steam wand, creating blockages and providing a breeding ground for bacteria.

Remove the tip of the steam wand by unscrewing it from the wand and cleaning it out with hot water. You may need to use a fine bristle brush or toothpick to remove milk buildup from the steam holes in the tip. Cleaning your steam wand every day will ensure that your machines continues to function correctly so that you can avoid ECM coffee machines repairs that occur due to blockages.

Descaling your ECM coffee machines

We would strongly advise against descaling your machines unless there is an issue and you know exactly what you are doing. The best practice is to use appropriate filtration to soften your water sufficiently so that scale accumulation is slowed dramatically or eliminated.

Just like changing the oil in your car, descaling is something you need to do in every service, to ensure your coffee machines runs properly and to avoid expensive ECM coffee machines repairs. But at the same time you never change the oil of your car, it is always better to let the professionals do it for you. Is a very delicate and manual job. The technicians from Eastlink Espresso do a full inspection of the boiler and remove any residue of scale from the boiler.

What we recommend you, if you only have 1 coffee a day out of the machines, run water through every day from the group head, receive fresh water from the water tank and don’t let the water sit on the boiler for too long.

Think you need ECM coffee machines repairs? We can help.

Here at Eastlink Espresso we understand the importance of workplace efficiency and offer immediate support for ECM coffee machines repairs and breakdown.

We’re located in Wantirna in Melbourne, so if you’re a Victorian barista in need of ECM coffee machines repairs, give us a call on 03 9738 2516.