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If you need a coffee maker for your business, but you have any idea about commercial coffee makers, read this blog. Many don’t know how makers for the home and those used for commercial purposes differ. Understanding the differences between the two is the key to decide on the right model for your business. When you are doing shopping, make sure that you look for a few main features before you buy a model. Otherwise, you may have to find Breville coffee machines repair service when you could have simply done your homework and selected the right model in the beginning.


The most important feature that you should consider when shopping for commercial makers is the size of the machines you need for your business. For example, if you are buying a commercial coffee machines for a lounge or break room, simply keeping an eye on the number of coffee employees are drinking each day is sufficient to get an estimate of the size you will need.

On the other hand, if you are buying commercial makers for a restaurant or similar establishment in the food service industry, then you need an approximate number. You should look at sales receipts to add the average number of cups you sell per day, then divide the total by the number of hours your establishment is open each day. You should buy a coffee maker that holds enough coffee to serve your customers for a whole hour before your employees need to brew another pot. This will cut down on wasted coffee and water consumption, which in turn will save you money on overhead expenses each month.

Ease of Use

The next feature you should consider when shopping for a coffee machines is how easy the machines is to use. If you are in charge of a fast-paced restaurant that demands quick service, then you do not want to buy a complicated model that your employees will be fumbling to operate during a busy lunch rush. Make sure that the machine’s functions are clearly labeled, and walk your employees through a simple “how-to” of using and cleaning the new machines after you purchase it for your business. This will ensure that your employees will properly care for the machines, which will save you money in maintenance and repair costs down the road.

High-End Commercial Coffee Makers

Finally, if your business is a restaurant with a pricier menu, then your customers likely expect a better cup of coffee to go with their meals. Consider investing in commercial coffee makers that brew espresso and other high-end coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. This will allow you to charge more for your coffee, and it will be a great addition to dress up your menu, too. If you take this route, you may also want to consider adding flavored syrups to your inventory so your customers can choose a flavoring for their coffee drinks. Make sure that you train your employees to use these machines properly as well. The more expensive the commercial coffee maker, the pricier your repair bill will be.