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As with any piece of equipment, coffee machines suffer from many ailments due to constant use or misuse. Regular maintenance of your espresso machines makes sure it gives you’re the best coffee possible.

What are the signs that your coffee machines asks for a service? Timely Coffee machines service ensures the machines is in good working condition.

Reasons to Service Your Espresso Machines


Limescale is the biggest enemy of your espresso machines. It is a chalky off-white crust that remains hidden inside the internal boiler of your coffee machines and stains the surfaces. Scientifically, this commonly observed limescale is a deposit of calcium carbonate and a residue left by hard water.

Hard water is nothing but water containing a high concentration of dissolved minerals – calcium and magnesium.

When the water gets evaporated, it leaves calcium carbonate behind in the form of deposits. These deposits are hard to get rid of if you do not treat them early.

They can even cause corrosion and damage the protective layer on metallic surfaces. This causes rust to show up, and you do not realize it.

Water Impurities

Common water impurities are another issue with coffee machines. Adding a water filter can inhibit the damaging effect of water impurities. You will see the result instantly after adding the filter.

Mineral-free, clean water will ensure that your investment remains safe and hassle-free for as long as you maintain it.

How often should you service the machines?

Even when you take a thorough cleaning approach and keep the machines limescale free, general wear and tear could cause a sudden breakdown.

You will have to change your water filter regularly as they have a finite lifespan. This will ensure quality water consistency.

The best course of action in this direction will be getting your machines serviced once a year. This would help keep your machines from unwanted damages and costly repairs.

Not all machines have the same functions and features. As a result, they could exhibit different issues. However, you must learn about some common issues to know if your machines needs a service.

  • Incorrect level of coffee in the cup
  • Coffee is getting dispensed too quickly or too slowly
  • Coffee is cold
  • Water temperature is low
  • Coffee is leaking from the group head
  • Milk frothing is not happening

If you notice something strange happening with the machines, get it checked by a professional coffee service expert.

Get Your Espresso Machines Serviced from a Top Professional

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