Home Coffee Machines: What Are The Options Available For You?

For some, coffee is more than just a drink. If you are someone who likes making your favourite coffee right at home and looking for some recommendations, you are in the right place.

At Eastlink Espresso, we would like to help you to choose the best home coffee machine that suits your needs. When it comes to buying a home coffee machine, you would like to keep a few considerations in mind.

For example, if you want to buy Isomac coffee machine, you want to consider the style of brew, making time, cost, and maintenance.

What types of coffee machine options are available in the market?

When it comes to choosing the right coffee machine, it is wise to know how many options are available to choose the one that suits your needs. The decision of choosing a coffee machine is going to impact your ultimate brewing experience. So, think carefully.

First thing’s first, before deciding on what machine to choose, you need to ask yourself a simple question, i.e., what do you want to drink in the morning?

Here we present you to the types of popular home coffee machines that you want to know:

Popular espresso machines available in the market

Manual Home Espresso Machines

Manual espresso machines are for traditional espresso coffee that features a very high level of flavour and extraction. This type of machine requires you to produce a coffee shot manually and steam your own milk.

Automatic Home Espresso

Automatic espresso machines produce traditional espresso by grinding your coffee, dropping the espresso shot and steaming your milk automatically. It is as simple as touching a button.

Automatic Filter Coffee Machine

It is a fantastic coffee machine that automates the process of making light filter brew in no time. You just need to touch a button for a refreshing cup of coffee. Some people confuse this machine with American Drip Filter coffee as its taste is bitter and darker.

Automatic filter coffee machine produces coffee in a batch (which is its USP), and you can even keep it hot in a thermal jug.

French Press Espresso Maker

This machine was invented in the 1800s and is very popular even today. Apparently, the machine may look simple in nature, believe it or not, it produces a full-flavoured and rich brew that can never disappoint a coffee lover.

If you are finding something affordable yet high-quality, it would be a great decision to opt for this. With this, you can brew delicious, heavenly coffee  within just a few minutes.

Stovetop Espresso Makers

This machine produces a traditional espresso coffee with a lower level of flavour as compared to the manual espresso maker. This coffee machine also produces fantastic coffee that is rich in quality, and creamy.

Cold Brewing

Cold brewing makes a great option if you want to make super-smooth coffee in a batch without putting heavy effort. The most striking part is that you can drink it steaming hot. Come winter and see how it can changes your coffee drinking experience. This machine produces a coffee that is 70% less acidic. This is why the coffee it produces is sweeter.

To drink your coffee hot, just heat your cold brew machine for a limited time in the microwave, topped with hot water and milk (if required).

Buy your favourite coffee machine from Eastlink Espresso

If you want to buy your home coffee machine from a reliable store, do not look further than Eastlink Espresso. We have a wide range of coffee machines for you to buy at affordable prices. On top of that, our professional team can help with servicing the coffee machine you buy.

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