Learn How to Unclog a Philips Coffee Machine

What exactly is a coffee machine meant for? Speed, precisely. However, a horribly clogged machine can only drag it along to jet a cup of morning coffee.

Therefore, it is important to follow proper maintenance measures in order to keep the coffee machine spick and span. Heeding to the fact Eastlink Espresso, one of the most celebrated repair experts in Australia, provide effective and transparent Philips coffee machine repairs.

Proper maintenance of a coffee machine is vital for reasons than one. Unclogging a coffee machine should be a pretty simple affair, provided you are aware of the following basic steps.

Clean The Coffee Maker

The first step is to clean the coffee machine, beginning with machine’s water reservoir. Make sure to fill the reservoir with a cup of water and vinegar and then operate the machine as you would normally do.

Having done it the first time dump the coffee pot and repeat the process again and again until the vinegar is completely flushed out.

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Examine The Drain Hole

It might be that the machine is still somewhat clogged. In that case, examine the drain hole in the water tank to ensure if it is clogged with dirt.

Most of the times it is largely due to the drain hole that unclogging takes time. Also, it is essential to keep in mind that if the bimetallic bar under the drain is frayed or corroded, replace it right away.

Look for Mineral Deposits

Most of the times heavy mineral deposits tend to clog the spout of the coffee maker. In that case, all you need to do is unclog the coffee maker, open the baseplate and remove the rubber elbow from the reservoir in order to proceed with the cleaning out.

Scrub the valve with a detergent to facilitate fluent movement.

Examine Percolators and Urns

At times it might be that you get hot water, not coffee, from the percolator. In that case, it is preliminary to make sure whether the tube is properly fixed in the centre well.

If the issue persists it is recommended to replace the tube with a duplicate. Also, if you operate a large coffee urn, you might face the problem of water leakage from the tap. In that case, all you need to do is reverse the washer and replace it.

However, total replacement may be necessary if reversing doesn’t work.

Ensure Regular Unclogging

As mentioned at the outset, proper maintenance is fundamental to the machine’s functioning. Therefore, it is essential to develop the habit of regular unclogging in order to prevent accumulation of debris as much as possible.

What is more, regular maintenance ensures a prolonged life of the machine. Besides, your coffee gets to taste better and sharper.

Coffee machines are meant essentially for instant coffee, and a good one at that. To keep up the working condition of the machine, it is only natural to cultivate the habit of regular maintenance to save both time and money.

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