Coffee Essentials Kit


A coffee starter kit that includes the following items:

  • Rhino Coffee Gear Waste Tube – Black
  • Clean Machine Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder (100g)
  • Clean Machine Milk Steamer Solution (250ml)
  • Rhino Bench Tamper Mat
  • Rhino Coffee Gear Barista Cloth 4pk Set
  • Rhino Coffee Gear Classic Milk Pitcher (20oz/600ml)
  • Rhino Stainless Steel Tamper – 58mm
  • Rhino Short Milk Thermometer
  • Cafessi Cleaning Brush – Black
  • Blind Rubber Disc for Backflushing – 50mm


A traditional Barista Essentials Kit that has all the things you need to compliment any traditional/manual coffee machine. It’s an excellent starter point for those just beginning their coffee creation journey.


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