Isomac Pro 6.1


Professional heavy duty brewing group with progressive coffee infusion. This system allows the smoothest extraction for the most optimal aroma, body and “crema.”

  • Weight is approx 9 lbs
  • No-burn stainless steel steam & hot water wands
  • Thermosyphon Circulation System for increased efficiency


One of the most popular items in the Isomac portfolio. The Isomac Pro 6.1 features a no-burn stainless steel steam and hot water wands, which means that only the end nozzle gets hot. Experienced increased efficiencies with the patented Thermosyphon Circulation System. The copper boiler has a brass endplate and is Insulated to save energy and also has increased thermal stability.

Coffee, steam and hot water can be prepared simultaneously as on a professional machine. There is a Sirai Commercial Pressostat and commercial rotary pump for that true barista experience. The Isomac Pro 6.1 has commercial gauges with a dedicated gauge for pump pressure and another one for boiler pressure control. It is the cream of the crop when it comes to coffee creation!


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