Saeco Aulika Top High Speed


The Saeco Aulika office coffee machine is the newest addition to Saeco’s state of the art coffee machines. It is easy to use and delivers the perfect coffee while retaining the swiftness and practicality of its predecessors.

  • One-Touch, high speed cappuccino maker
  • Create 2 coffee drinks simultaneously
  • Integrated pinless wonder cappuccinatore


The Aulika office coffee machine has the capability of producing Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, among others at a rate of eighty cups per hour making it is ideal for medium to large offices. Featuring One-Touch/High Speed Cappuccino capabilities. You can make 2 coffee cups simultaneously. It has a hot water/steam wand as well as a double pump, double boiler mechanism.

The Saeco Aulika Top High Speed Coffee Machine has an integrated pin-less Wonder Cappuccinatore, and delivers an excellent and compact caffeinated experience!


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