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Coffees are known to improve performance and boost energy levels to complete tasks drastically. For this reason, most people want to invest in Profitec coffee machines that offer value and produce good coffee. So, what types of machines are these? Let’s find out:

Types of Coffee Machines

 profitec coffee machines


1. Automatic Espresso Machines

Automatic espresso machines are small but cover a significant section of the market. Popular brands include DeLonghi, Melitta, Miele, Gaggia, and Jura. While most people prefer the manual model, others enjoy the convenience of a Profitec coffee machines. And because automated coffee machines include fans, they can come in handy in a busy household or small office kitchen.


  • These machines are easier to use than manual and semi-automatic machines
  • Merely uses freshly-ground coffee beans, and you can adjust the grind to your needs
  • It allows you to save various profiles with your favourite coffee styles
  • The self-cleaning mode saves you the hassle of washing and descaling the equipment.


  • The automatic espresso machines can be pretty expensive, and this higher price doesn’t guarantee they’ll produce high-quality coffee.
  • This machines weighs about 8 to 12 kgs, making it a bit heavy.
  • It has a depth of about 40cm that forces you to sacrifice the bench space.

2. Manual Espresso Machines

Manual espresso machines allow you to experiment and lay your hands on coffee. In addition to getting your hands on coffee, these machines require a bit of experience in coffee-making procedures such as grinding, tamping and dosing.

You’ll often need a different grinder, but they usually come with a milk frothing capacity. Also, the bench space these machines take will depend on the design and complexity of the equipment. However, most of them range between 20 to 40cm wide.


  • Enthusiasts love the intensity of flavour from fresh coffee beans
  • The machines lets you brew coffee the way you like it; thus, satisfaction guaranteed
  • They brighten up a dull kitchen with their art. Even the budget ones give your kitchen space a retro appeal.


  • Not recommended for beginners with no coffee-making knowledge
  • Ground coffee needs to be made beforehand
  • The maintenance is still in progress

3. Semi-automatic coffee machines

The last piece of equipment on our list is the semi-automatic coffee machines that perform similar functions as manual machines. The only difference is that it will automatically stop the flow once a pre-set amount has been filled into your cup.


  • The semi-automatic coffee machines are versatile and give you control over your cup while not worrying about the coffee flow.
  • Cheaper than a fully-automatic coffee machines


  • There’s still an experimentation process in a semi-automatic coffee machines.
  • The maintenance of this machines is still underway.

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