Eastlink Espresso is the preferred choice of millions for friendly and professional service specializing in the repairs and sales of domestic, commercial and semi commercial espresso machines. We take pride in having the expertise to properly repair and return your coffee machine back to full function. The coffee machine is returned only when it meets the industry standards and is functioning properly.

At Eastlink Espresso, we provide our customers not only with the highest quality coffees and state-of-the-art brewing equipment but also the company is dedicated to providing personal service and maintenance support to all customers. We specialize in the repair of domestic coffee machines throughout Melbourne. We sell and repair coffee machines from leading coffee machine manufacturers.  We have enviable experience servicing world-leading coffee machine brands including Saeco, Delonghi, Gaggia and other semi commercial coffee machines.

Why do we recommend regular coffee machine maintenance?

Coffee espresso machines often need maintenance and service related to the boiler and grinder assemblies. This maintenance can often be performed by maintaining a routine schedule of descaling, cleaning and degreasing the brew, grinder and froth unit. Our trained professionals recommend you to service your coffee machine once a year. You can also get a FREE service on your machine if you buy 10 Kg of our special coffee beans.

The servicing of coffee machine is done at the service centre for a nominal fee. The servicing includes:

  • Descaling the boiler
  • Replacement of all necessary washer, shower plates, seals, group heads and gaskets
  • A strip, check and thorough clean of the steam and water arms and valves
  • Internal inspection of machine settings and adjustment if required
  • Advice on the overall condition of the machine and the recommendation about any repairs

At Eastlink Espresso, we understand that when your business depends on equipment, service and repair become a top priority. Our experienced and trained professionals offer FREE quote and assessment on all sorts of technical problems to reducing your maintenance cost. Call or mail us to get a quote today!


Terms & Conditions

CHECK-IN FEES Free of charge

No Fees request up front for inspection and check-in


If only authorized by you , we will proceed with the repair if cost is less than $250.


If over $250 we will call you and discuss with you before do any repair.


There is a 3 months warranty on repair work , labour and parts.


All coffee machines not picked up within 40 days of notification will become property of Eastlink