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You must understand the signs to know that your Coffee Machines needs repairs. For many of us, coffee is the happy drink; the food for soul which gives us the strength and stability to endear the challenges of every day.

Coffee is the quintessential aspect that keeps most of us going. Most of us need our steaming hot cup of coffee to sip every morning to start our day with renewed energy and vigour. Thus, a lot of the people opt for buying the best coffee maker machines which can give them their share of bed-coffee every morning, or whenever they want.

Thus, in light of the above mentioned factor, it is important for you as a coffee machines owner to keep your prestigious machines in check, and take them to an expert repair provider as soon as you notice any sign of malfunctioning. Given below, are some of the signs which you must treat as an alert to take your machines to a reputed professional for Breville coffee machines repairs.

Incorrect and fluctuating Dispensing Speed

Have you ever come across a position when your coffee machines starts dispensing the coffee either too slowly or too quickly as compared to its regular speed or the speed with which it used to function when you bought the machines?

If your answer is yes, then it is probably time to get the machines repaired by an expert professional, as the group head may also become defective and faulty. Consult an expert for the underlying problem rather than ignoring it or trying to fix it yourself.

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Leaking Water or Coffee

If you ever start noticing that the machines has started leaking water or coffee at different points, it is advisable that you take the machines to a repair expert at the earliest.

Such leaking is extremely harmful, as there is a high risk of an electric shock due to water finding its way to the damaged components; and moreover the quality of the coffee will also deteriorate. Only an expert technician will be able to inspect the machines properly, detect the underlying issues and fix the cause of the leak before anything major occurs and the situation gets worse.

Flashing Lights

If you ever detect flashing lights from the machines, you must immediately turn it off and take it to the repair technician as soon as possible. These flashing lights only indicate that the electrical circuitry of the machines has developed faults. Thus, you must only use the coffee machines post the identification and resolution of the defect.

Incorrect Temperature

If your coffee maker is dispensing coffee at the extremes of the hot or cold temperatures, then it is wise to take the same for repair.

One of the common reasons for this can be that the temperature switch has started malfunctioning. Thus, it is advisable to seek expert advice in this matter and get the necessary repairs done without any further delay.


Before starting with the coffee maker, it is advisable that you must go through the troubleshooting guide in the user manual accompanying the coffee maker. The guide will be helpful in pointing out a few common problems and the measures that you must take to fix them.

However, if you find any difficulty in resolving the problem, or you cannot find a certain problem in the user manual, it is wise to consult an expert repair provider at the earliest, so that you need not compromise on your morning coffee for long.