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Coffee enthusiasts will know how frustrating it can get when their coffee makers refuse to function. The life expectancy of a coffee machines may vary, and lots of factors come into play in determining the lifespan of a machines. Servicing, brand, vend amount, machine’s quality – are to name a few.

If you have been using your coffee maker for a while now, determine whether it is time for domestic coffee machines repairs as soon as you see the warning signs. How can you be sure whether your machines needs repair or a total equipment replacement?

A good indication of a coffee maker’s lifecycle is to check for the label with a manufacturing date. A high-end machines functions well up to around five to seven years, and a lower budget machines will survive for good five years.

Please pay attention to the signs and behaviour of the espresso maker to know whether it requires a quick repair. Check the three key elements, including sight, sense and taste of your coffee. By drinking, smelling and drinking your coffee, you can guess the condition of the machines.

Some surefire signs that your espresso maker requires a little attention:

  • You notice drips or puddles in places. This is a warning sign that the seals have worn out and are no longer working as needed.
  • Your coffee maker lacks steam pressure. That means the boiler and components are overfilling.
  • You feel a burnt taste in your coffee. This is due to water scaling in the lines.
  • You feel drinking durty water, you find coffee grounds in your coffee cup
  • The steam or hot water has a bad smell.

Whether your coffee machines needs repair depends on the taste of your coffee. When you have good beans and milk, but still, you notice the coffee does not taste as good as it should, this is a sign that your coffee machines needs special attention.

An expert technician at Eastlink Espresso can guide and advise you on this. He or she can tell whether your machines needs repair.

Benefits of Repairing an Espresso Machines

  • Your coffee maker will quickly get back to its former glory
  • You can save money in the long run by addressing the problem areas right when they show up
  • A quick repair of your coffee maker is easier in terms of decision making

Keeping Your Coffee Machines Clean is a Must

Bad coffee is the last thing you would want first thing in the morning. Keeping your machines clean will help you avoid costly repairs or an entire replacement in the future. Maintain a basic cleaning schedule to make sure your coffee tastes good, and the machines keeps running the way it should.

At Eastlink Espresso, we have an expert team of technicians to provide professional assistance in repairing or maintenance. Apart from that, we have a range of affordable, high-quality coffee machines that are designed to help meet your brewing goals.