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If you are a coffee aficionado, then you wouldn’t deny the fact that there is nothing worse than having a stale cup of coffee. You must know Why Is It Important To Use Filtered Water In Your Coffee Machines. You could actually differentiate between that perfect cup of coffee and the stale one and get your day on the wrong foot!

Just like fresh coffee beans and a quality coffee maker, the water that you use in making the coffee is as important as anything else. Coffee experts state that using filtered water is the best thing one can add to prepare an amazing cup of coffee. You can use a water filter for this purpose, which will remove the sediments, chlorine content and also reduce the hardness of the water. If you fail to filter these out, they can cause a lot of problems with your machines such as blocking the pipe fittings, forming several layers in the group head and boiler, affecting the water heating capacity, etc. and preventing you from brewing good coffee.

Having a good water filter installed into the machines and getting the cartridge replaced every twelve months will help you to expand the lifespan of your espresso machines. Not only this, but it will also enhance the taste of your coffee as well. Hence, to know more about the above, first, you need to understand how to filter water in your home coffee making machines:

    • Use a small in-tank filter that goes into the water tank, and it is attached to the water supply hose of the coffee machines. This helps to filter water just before it moves into the boiler. When using such a filter, you need to bear in mind that it needs to be replaced every month.
  • Apart from the above, there is another way of filtering water and that is by using an under-the-sink filter. In this type of filter, you will need a filter head, a pressure limiting valve, a filter cartridge, an outlet tap, and a few hoses. This is believed to be a cost-effective and ideal way of filtering water.

Just like how you make tea, there are a few things that you need to remember to brew the best-tasting coffee. Here are they mentioned below:

4 Reasons why Use Filtered Water In Your Coffee Machines?

  1. Equipment used – This includes the quality of grinders, filters, and coffee makers that you decide to use.
  2. Coffee beans – This includes the beans you use, mainly its origin, that is the country and region it belongs to. You will find a variety of the beans such as Arabica, Robusta or a blend of others.
  3. Size and freshness of the grind – This is what contributes to great-tasting coffee, the size of the grind. Next, it is important to use freshly ground beans to avoid compromise with taste, colour, and aroma.
  4. Filtered water – Filtered water serves the best. But, if you find it a bit expensive then it is recommended to add an inline water filter into the machines immediately.

So, to enjoy a perfect tasting coffee each morning, you will have to abide by the above. If you have a machines that does not work properly, then you will need to repair it as soon as possible. Buying a new coffee maker may cost you a lump sum, therefore it would be best to repair it. You can contact Eastlink Espresso professionals who offer the best DeLonghi coffee machines repairs at affordable prices.