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It was 2007.

Jeff Kennedy, Andrew Meo, and Danielle Berenbruch founded Rocket Espresso to manufacture high-end espresso and commercial grade machines.

Previously, you could find high-quality espresso only in the best bars and cafes, but thanks to Rocket Espresso, you could now enjoy barista-quality coffee at home.

What makes a Rocket Espresso machines so special?

For one, they’re handmade in Italy by a small, exclusive group of craftsmen, who produce both premium domestic and commercial machines with meticulous care and attention to detail…

Allowing you to bring café-quality espresso into your home at an affordable price point

And being semi-automatic they give you the convenience of whipping up a quick cup of tasty brew without needing to gain pro-level skills.

The Rocket 58

Now take the Rocket 58. Priced at $3000, this semi-automatic is significantly cheaper than many other machines with similar features, priced in the $3000 to $5000 range.

Its built-in commercial-quality rotary pump makes it reasonably quiet. Anyone who enjoys the peace and stillness of the early morning will know how important this can be.

Pre-infusion means better coffee with less work

Exposing the coffee to low-pressure water during the first few seconds provides smooth extraction, resulting in exceptional body and crema.

Double boilers save time

Brewing and steaming separately might work if you do one or two cups a day. But things can quickly change when you invite a group of friends over. Cooling the machines down to brew temperature and raising it again to steam milk can keep you in the kitchen longer than you’d like to be.

With separate boilers for espresso production and steam, this Rocket espresso machines allows you to brew and steam simultaneously…

And control the temperature of each boiler…

Which increases the efficiency, the life of the boiler, and saves you time.

Controlling pump pressure

Dual professional pressure gauges allow you to monitor pump pressure during extraction.

Having the ability to make changes as needed leads to better extraction, which means…

Better tasting coffee!

Despite all of these impressive features, there is one feature that the Rocket 58 does not come with.

A shot timer.

While you could argue that a shot timer is more a matter of convenience than truly being an advantage… Having a shot timer allows you to diagnose issues with your shots.

Improper shot timing can ruin the taste of your espresso. Too fast and the espresso will be weak and acidic. Too long and the espresso will taste sour or bitter.

If shot timing is something you can’t do without, you need to consider the Rocket Espresso machines like the Giotto and Mozzafiato.

The Giotto and Mozzafiato

Let’s take a look at the key features of both of these machines and why you might want to have one in your kitchen.

Each of them comes in two versions. The “V” denotes a vibratory pump, while the “Evoluzione R” models use a rotary pump.

Here’s what this means for you.

Pump Model

Choose a vibratory model if you prefer a slow buildup to brew pressure. The disadvantage is that vibratory models are not as quiet or as long-lasting as the rotary models.

Furthermore, with a rotary pump, you have the option of connecting it to your main household plumbing, which allows you to have a constant water supply… which could be a huge benefit if you hate the thought of filling reservoirs.

Rotary models also allow you to add an in-line water filter to prevent scaling and improve coffee flavour.

Aside from the pumps, both machines have a 1.8-litre copper heat exchange boiler, allowing you to brew and steam simultaneously. This, like the Rocket 58, provides convenience and saves time.


PID stands for Proportional-Integral-Derivative.

In simple terms…

PID controllers along with the E-61-thermo-siphon group head make it easy to achieve consistent brew temperatures and allow you to control the machine’s temperature.

The E61 works its magic.

To begin with, it protects your espresso from temperature variations by circulating water between the group and the boiler to smooth out any cold pockets that may exist.

Second, it performs some pre-infusion by lightly immersing the espresso in water before brewing begins. This irons out possible human error during the tamping process.

The combination of temperature control and pre-infusion result in a higher quality of espresso with every shot you pull.


Both machines use 2-hole steam tips, of 1.5 mm diameter, which are larger than most machines. The larger holes give you more steam power–enough to froth milk for two medium-sized lattes at the same time.

So, there you are. With a wide range of models that cover every aspect from controlling brew temperature, monitoring pressure, simultaneous brewing and steaming, and pre-infusion for tastier coffee…

Rocket Espresso Milano goes above and beyond to provide you with higher-quality and better-tasting espresso, making it the best choice for you.

And when you buy one, you don’t just pay for an espresso machines. You pay for world-class service that gets you up and running quickly and supports you months and years down the line.

The peace of mind you get when you make an expensive purchase, knowing that you can go back to them when something’s not working right, is so reassuring.

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