Robur Electronic Grinder


An electronic grinder that is recognized as one of the best, most efficient coffee grinders in the industry.

  • 19 languages control panel
  • Programmable pre-tap pause function
  • Programmable time settings for single, double and triple dose
  • Manual grinding mode
  • Possibility of setting a maximum number of grinding doses
  • Daily stats on grinding output data


An electronic grinder-doser with conical grinding blades and slow speed rotation suitable for high consumption, the Robur Electornic Grinder has a stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment to keep things efficient at every coffee station. It features on-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment, and the ability to produce single, double and triple doses with independent adjustments. The machine has a digital display with shot counter, ventilation, and electronic control to keep the motor cool. It is the perfect grinder to get any coffee job done!


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