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Eastlink Espresso offers leading Profitec coffee machines repair services. With a passion for coffee and the technical skills to match, we can diagnose the problem with your machines and get it fixed fast. Book your machines in for a free assessment today.

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Comprehensive Repairs for All Profitec Machines

Whatever the problem is, our team can work out what’s causing it and get it fixed for you. We have experience repairing all Profitec coffee machines, including fully automatic coffee machines, domestic espresso machines, commercial coffee machines and more. And with a 3 month workmanship warranty you can get the repairs you need with confidence.

We repair all Profitec machines, including:

  • Profitec Go
  • Profitec Pro 300
  • Profitec Pro 400
  • Profitec Pro 500
  • Profitec Pro 600
  • Profitec Pro 700
  • Profitec Pro 800

Common Issues With Profitec Machines

  • Lack of steam
  • Water pump is very loud
  • Tripping power
  • The machines doesn’t turn on
  • PID not working
  • Steam dripping water
  • Pressure gauge not going up to pressure
  • Pump doesn’t stop runnig
  • Leaking from the portafilter
  • Coffee is too cold
  • No coffee is coming out
  • Water isn’t flowing properly out of the group head

Why Choose East Link for Profitec Coffee Machines Repair & Servicing?


Our technicians are authorised to repair Profitec machines and are professionally trained to deliver great results.


We use genuine replacement parts in all our repairs to ensure you receive the highest quality service.


All our repairs come with a 3-month workmanship warranty. If what we’ve fixed breaks again in that time, we’ll repair it for free.


Our shop is set up for repairs, sales and training. We can repair your machines, provide you with a new one, and show you how to make great coffee!

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Espresso Machines Repairs, Maintenance and More

We repair fully automatic machines and manual machines for domestic and commercial customers. Whether you need your coffee machines to run your business or you just want to get back to making great coffee at home fast, we can help. Our technicians get to the root of the issue and fix it quickly, with short turnaround times.

We can repair all parts of your Profitec coffee machines, from the water filters to the steam wand, group head and more. And when we’re finished, we’ll tune and service your machines to ensure you can consistently pour perfect shots. Discuss your needs with our team today.

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Get Your Profitec Machines Professionally Serviced

The best way to keep your coffee tasting great is to get your machines serviced regularly. We recommend booking your machines in for a general service every 12 months to maximise its lifespan. Book your coffee machines in for a service today.

Our Profitec Servicing and Repair Process Includes:


Full Maintenance of Leva Group and Components

We’ll backflush leva and replace the gasket on the steam tap & water tap if required. We then check all components to ensure everything is working correctly.


Coffee pouring setup

We also tune your machines, setting it up professionally to ensure it pours a perfect cup from the moment you get it back.

Get Your Profitec Machines Repaired Today

Does your Profitec coffee machines in need repairs? Eastlink Espresso can help you! We have a wealth of experience in servicing and repairing Profitec machines, so you can rest assured your machines is in safe hands. Book a free assessment today, or come in and have a chat with our team at our store in Wantirna.

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