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sunbeam coffee machine repairs

Sunbeam Coffee Machines Repair Melbourne

Is your Sunbeam Coffee Machines not working properly? Having trouble brewing coffee in the morning? It might be time to get your coffee machines serviced.

Eastlink Espresso is authorised to repair Sunbeam Coffee Makers! We can repair, service, and maintain your coffee machines, cleaning, fixing and replacing parts to ensure it works like new again.

Bring your machines into us for repairs, or give us a call and we can send a technician out to you.

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Leading Coffee Machines Repair Services

Our resident coffee enthusiasts are passionate about all things coffee machines. We’re trained to provide professional services and use exclusively genuine spare parts to carry out repairs.

There are a lot of factors associated with coffee machines repairs. We understand your concerns, which is why we offer repairs for Sunbeam appliances both inside & outside of the warranty.

For more information on our Sunbeam coffee machines repair services, feel free to give us a call. Our dedicated technicians are available and ready to answer any questions you have. We can provide you with the information you need and provide fast repair services for your machines. We offer affordable prices for repairs and servicing for domestic and commercial coffee machines.

Our technicians can repair a wide range of coffee machines, including:

  • Sunbeam Torino PU8000
  • Sunbeam Thermoblock
  • Cafe Series
  • Cafe Series duo
  • Mini Barista
  • EMM7200BK
  • EM7100
  • EMM5400
  • EM7000
  • EM5300
  • EM4300
  • Sunbeam
  • Sunbeam Barista Max

Get Your Coffee Machines Serviced for Free

Regular servicing is essential for maximising the lifespan of your Sunbeam coffee machines. It’s why we recommend getting your machines serviced once a year!

To help keep your machines in great shape, we offer a free service with every purchase of a 10kg bag of our specialty coffee beans. So not only do you get great tasting coffee for the next year, your coffee machines will love you for it.

Common issues with your Sunbeam espresso machines

Sunbeam Torino

  • “Clean Me” still appears on the display
  • Steam wand not working properly
  • Leaking from group-head
  • No coffee coming out
  • Buzzing noise
  • Leaking
  • Not frothing enough
  • No steam or brewing pressure

Sunbeam Cafe series:

  • Not enough pressure in the brew head
  • Leaking under the drip tray
  • Leaking from the steam wand
  • No steam pressure following the descaling cycle
  • Tripping out the power from the main switch
  • Overheating
  • Not reaching working temperature
  • Leaking from the group-head

Mini Barista 

  • Not enough pressure

  • Leaking while making a coffee
  • Not coffee comes out
  • Weak steam power
  • Leaking from the group head
  • Too much water going into the drip tray
  • Not grinding
  • Making an unusually loud noise while grinding

Let’s take a look at the reasons that will help you get convinced to choose Eastlink for all repairs:


Our cost-effective repair services make repairs accessible for everyone


Apart from just Sunbeam, we can repair other specialty brands including – DeLonghi, Phillips, Saeco, Gaggia and more!


Send your coffee machines to us from anywhere in Australia and we’ll repair it for you, with a full warranty on the services provided.


We can repair 99% of the issues our customers have with their Sunbeam coffee machines.

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