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vbm coffee machine repair
vbm coffee machine repair
vbm coffee machine repair
vbm coffee machine repair
vbm coffee machine repair

VBM Espresso Coffee Machines Serivce & Maintenance

Repair centre for your VBM Espresso Machines? Eastlink Espresso offers free assessment for repairs, Service & Maintenance at an affordable rate. You can raise all your queries and get them answered over the phone or by email. You can call us at  /  03- 9738 2516 or mail us at – sales@eastlinkespresso.com.au. You can also enquire and get a glimpse of our previous services from – https://eastlinkespresso.com.au/


  • Domobar Junior
  • Domobar Junior
  • Domobar Piccolo
  • Domobar Super
  • Domobar Super Digital
  • Domobar Double Boiler

If you would like to upgrade your machines with a silicone gasket, IMS shower screen or a Flow Control Device? We can help you with that too! We love coffee the same as you do!

Common issues with Vibiemme Espresso Machines

We recommend you service your VMB coffee machines every 12-16 months, in order replace seals, O-rings, shower screens, you will always notice the difference in your coffee after a service! Note: Remember that you drink daily from your machines! We are here to help you 03- 9738 2516

Trouble shooting Vibiemme Domo Super Espresso machines

The machines is not working?

  • Be sure it is plugged in and the circuit is working. Try another outlet if in doubt.• Be sure the Power Switch is turned to Position I or Position II.

-No water can be pumped

  •  Check the Low Water Level Warning Light to see if the reservoir needs to be refilled.

  • Check the water reservoir to be sure that the tank is properly seated in the machines. Lift it and set it back into place. You should be able to feel it compress the springs of its platform which engage the safety switch.

  • Be sure the Power Switch is turned to Position I or Position II.

-The group head is not getting very warm

  • The operating lever on the right side of the group head of the manual model must be in the fully down position, pushed back towards the face of the machines as far as it will go (light pressure is all that is necessary- no need to force the lever). If it is not in this position, the water path for the thermosyphon is restricted and the group head will not reach the proper operating temperature.

  •  Be sure the Power Switch is turned to Position II.

  • Check the Low Water Level Warning Light to see if the reservoir needs to be refilled.

I can pump water, but the water is always cold

  • Check the power switch to be sure that it is in position II.

  • Over Temperature Safety Thermostat tripped. This occurs if the pressure stat malfunctions or the water level is not maintained in the boiler. In either case, the boiler can overheat. To save the machines from damage there is an over-temperature thermostat that protects the machines much like a circuit breaker or fuse protects the wiring in your home. And much in the same way as a circuit breaker, the over-temperature thermostat can be reset. If you suspect that the thermostat has been tripped it is important to verify the cause before continuing.

The brew pressure gauge acts erratically

  • The brew pressure gauge on the front panel should only be used as a general indicator as to what is happening during the brewing cycle.

  • The only time when the gauge will display any useful information is when there is a properly prepared portafilter, filled with properly ground and tamped coffee, locked in the group head, and the brewing process is underway. At all other times, even when the pump is refilling the boiler, this gauge is not displaying any useful information and should be ignored.

  • Even when the pull is underway the brew gauge will read a little higher than the actual brew pressure at the coffee. If all is going well, the gauge should read about 9.5 to 10 BAR during most of the pull.

  • The pressure gauge is not working? come to see us! needs replacement!

The machines does not dispense steam

  • The hole at the end of the steam/hot water wand is obstructed.

Apart from servicing your VBM Coffee machines, EastLink Espresso are experts in cleaning the coffee grinder, descaling the boiler, doffee pouring setup and full internal inspection for the list of brands stated below:

What Does A Coffee Machines Repair Service Include?


Cleaning group head & service of the leva


Descaling the boiler when is requiered


Coffee pouring setup


Full internal inspection

Reach us for any help and queries regarding your VBM coffee machines repairs even when your warranty expired. We promise to deliver you the best service within the stipulated time!

Top-notch solutions and affordable rates with hundred percent client satisfaction makes us a distinguished name in the trade. If you are still not convinced with us, let’s tlook at why you should choose Eastlink Espresso:


Wide range of services


Warranty against all the services provided


Hundred percent client satisfaction


Affordable rates of the services


On-site repairs are offered.

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