Bezzera coffee machines repairs


If your Bezzera coffee machines or espresso machine is making weird noises or producing awful coffee, it may be time for repairs. Eastlink Espresso’s coffee machines technicians can assess the damage and provide you with fast and effective repair services. We’ll get your machine up and running fast, using genuine parts to ensure it will run properly for years to come.

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We repair all Bezzera machines, including:

  • Bezzera BZ10
  • Bezzera Duo
  • Bezzera Galatea
  • Bezzera Mitica
  • Bezzera Strega
  • Bezzera Domus
  • Bezzera Matrix
  • Bezzera Aria

Common Issues with Bezzera Machines

  • Lack of steam
  • Leaking from group head
  • Coffee is too cold
  • Coffee is tepid
  • Doesn’t heat up
  • Overheating
  • No Coffee Coming out?
  • Tripping power
  • Asking for water, but water tank is full
  • PID not working

Why Choose Eastlink Espresso for Bezzera Coffee Machines Repair & Servicing?


We have a team of highly skilled and trained appliance technicians and offer both repairs and servicing in our service centre in Wantirna.


We make sure that only genuine manufacturer replacement parts are used for your coffee machines.


All our repairs & parts come with a 3 months warranty for your peace of mind. If the part we’ve repaired breaks again, we’ll fix it for free.


Our technicians have years of experience providing servicing and appliance repair services for Bezzera coffee machines and espresso machines.

We’ll Completely Repair Your Coffee Machines

Our technicians are professionally trained and passionate about coffee. Whatever the issue is, we’ll get to the bottom of it and make sure your machine operates just like new again. We repair or replace all any broken parts, including the water tank, steam wand, boiler, coffee grinder and more, then service your machine completely to ensure it runs properly.

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Get Your Coffee Machines Serviced For Free!

When was the last time you had your coffee machines professionally serviced? if the answer is “more than 12 months ago”, it might be time for a professional service. Our experts will thoroughly clean and service your machine, checking for any potential issues that could cause problems down the line.

We’ll also descale your machine to remove any built-up calcium deposits, which can lead to a decline in performance. Best of all, this service is free for anyone who purchases a 10kg bag of our signature coffee beans!

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Our Bezzera Servicing and Repair Process Includes:


Full Maintenance of Leva Group and Components

We’ll backflush leva and replace the gasket on the steam tap & water tap if required. We then check all components to ensure everything is working correctly.


Descaling the boiler when is required

If there’s any built-up scale in your machine’s boiler, we’ll descale it to prevent damage and ensure optimal performance.


Coffee pouring setup

Finally, we make sure everything is correctly set up for you, tuning it to ensure you can get back to making great coffee instantly.

Get Your Bezerra Machine Repaired Today

Ready to get your machine serviced? Our team of Bezzera-certified technicians offer repairs for all models. We’ll have your machine running like new in no time. We also service a range of other brands, including, La Pavoni, ECM, Rocket, La Scala, Profitec and more. Contact us today to book your machine in for a free assessment.

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