DeLonghi Coffee Machine Repair

At Eastlink Espresso, we provide service and repair of DeLonghi Coffee Machine out of warranty . We recommend that you service your coffee machine every year or buy 10 kg of our special Coffee beans and received a Free service on your machine .

If you are looking for DeLonghi Coffee Machine Repair or replacement  parts, then you can contact us today. Servicing of your coffee machine can be done at our service centre for a nominal fee and before deciding to invest in repairing the coffee machine you can also ask us for an free estimate for the cost of the repairs.

Why Choose East Link for Your DeLonghi Coffee Machine Servicing & Repair?

  • We have a team of highly skilled and trained appliance technicians and offer both repairs and servicing in our service center in Wantirna
  • We make sure that only genuinely manufactured back parts are used for your coffee machine
  • We provide 3 months warranty with any product that we repair so you can have peace of mind
  • Eastlink offer servicing and repair service for DeLonghi Coffee Machine since long time

Servicing your Coffee Machine involves:

  • Cleaning the coffee grinder and brewing unit
  • Descaling the boiler
  • Coffee pouring setup
  • Full internal inspection

We ensure that you can conveniently and easily service and repair your DeLonghi Coffee Machine.  We look forward to serving you with our best customer service and professional repairing service. If you are having trouble contacting a reliable coffee machine servicing and repair centre do not hesitate to contact us at