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Lelit Coffee Machines: Service & Repairs

Are you searching for the best Lelit coffee machine service centre in Melbourne? Eastlink Espresso offers free assessment for repairs, service & maintenance at an affordable rate. You can raise all your queries and get them answered over the phone or by email. You can call us on 03 9738 2516 or email sales@eastlinkespresso.com.au. You can also enquire and get a glimpse of our previous services from – www.eastlinkespresso.com.au

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  • PL42EMI Lelit Anita
  • PL42TEMD Lelit Anita PID
  • PL41LEM Lelit Anna
  • PL41TEMD Lelit Combi
  • PL162T Lelit Bianca V2
  • PL92T Lelit Elizabeth V3
  • PL91T Lelit Victoria
  • PL82T Lelit Kate
  • Pl62X Lelit Mara X

Common issues with Lelit Espresso Machines

Common issues with Lelit Coffee Machines?


We recommend you service Lelit coffee machines every 6 to 18 months in order to mantain it in great working condition. We carry out preventative maintenance and stock all parts, O-rings and shower screens. You will notice the difference after servicing your coffee machine! Remember that you drink daily from your machine! We are here to help you 03 9738 2516

Trouble shooting Lelit Espresso machines

The coffee is too cold when dispensed ?

  • The machine has not reached its operating.

  • temperature yet.

  • The filter holder has not been heated

The coffee is dispensed too quickly and without cream

  • The grind is too coarse.

  • The quantity of coffee is insufficient.

  • The coffee has not been pressed enough.

  • The coffee used is old or unsuitable

The power is on, but the set temperature is not reached.

  • The circuit breaker is interrupted

  • The LCC is not working

  • Contact us on 03 9738 2516

  • Drop off  at 11/603 Boronia Rd, Wantirna, Victoria

The coffee is not dispensed or is only dispensed in drops

  • The grind is too fine.

  • The amount of coffee is too much.

  • The coffee has been pressed too much.

The LCC does not light up and the machine does not work

  • The plugs of the power cable are not inserted

  • The power cable is damaged.

  • Contact us on 03 9738 2516

  • Drop off  at 11/603 Boronia Rd, Wantirna, Victoria

The machine does not dispense steam

  • The hole at the end of the steam/hot water wand is obstructed.


Traditional Coffee Machines

Lelit Mara X


Coffee Machines

Lelit Kate


Traditional Coffee Machines

Lelit Bianca V2 Dual Boiler


Traditional Coffee Machines

Lelit Anna


Coffee Machines



Apart from servicing Lelit technical support, Eastlink Espresso specialises in maintenance and cleaning of coffee grinders, preventative maintenance on coffee machines, descaling and refurbishing of coffee boilers, coffee pouring setup and full internal inspection for the list of brands stated below:

What Does Coffee Machine Repair Services Include?

Cleaning group head & service of the leva

Descaling the boiler when is requiered

Coffee pouring setup

Full internal inspection

Reach us for any help and queries regarding your Lelit coffee machine repairs even when your warranty expired. We promise to deliver you the best service within the stipulated time!

Top-notch solutions and affordable rates with hundred percent client satisfaction makes us a distinguished name in the trade. If you are still not convinced with us, let’s take an insight into the reasons of choosing Eastlink Espresso:


Wide range of services


Warranty against all the services provided


Hundred percent client satisfaction


Affordable rates of the services


On-site repairs are offered.

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