Neri Coffee (Signature Blend)



This Variety of Coffee originates is India, PNG and Peru. The beans are darker, roasted, blended in an Italian way. The distinguished feature of the coffee beans is that they contain more caffeine blends compared to others. The flavour of the coffee is of toasted almonds and a soft praline finish.

Shipping and delivery information:

  • This is the vegetarian product.
  • Sourced directly from responsible farms.
  • Tasting notes: smooth & bold blend.
  • Roasted fresh on order.
  • 100% quality guaranteed.
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  • Delivered within 2- 5 working days.



This is a full bodied, darker roasted coffee , blended the Italian way.

This coffee is a great ‘pick me up’ coffee morning!

Flavours of toasted almonds with a soft praline finish.