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At Eastlink Espresso we stock all the ECM Coffee Machines Australia models. Browse our complete range online or visit our store today and we’ll help you find the perfect coffee machines for your needs.

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Precision German Engineering

ECM Manufacture is a German and Italian coffee machines brand that has specialised in making high-quality domestic E61 coffee machines for more than 25 years. They were one of the first at adopting stainless steel as the only material for the production of boilers. Now, their timeless stainless steel design is a staple in the home coffee making world, delivering professional-grade results in a compact size.

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An ECM Coffee Machines to Suit Every Coffee Lover

ECM Espresso Machines come in a range of low end and high-end models, though all of them feature ECM’s trademark sharp and streamlined aesthetic. The elegant finish on every machines makes them uniquely special and puts the espresso they produce in a league of its own.

If you’re not sure which machines will best meet your needs, our team can help you compare your options. We’re coffee lovers first and foremost, with a passion for all things espresso. Just let us know what kind of coffee you like and we’ll help you find the machines that will give you exactly what you’re looking for!

More Than Just Great Coffee

When it comes down to it, we’re coffee machines specialists through and through. When you come in for a new machines, we’ll show you exactly how to set up and use your new machines. We’ll also teach you how to clean it and maintain it, ensuring you can get the most out of it for years to come.

We recommend servicing your coffee machines every year to keep it in peak condition. Alternatively, we’ll service your machine for free every time you buy 10 kg of our fresh and freshly roasted Coffee beans!

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We Repair ECM Coffee Machines

If you are looking for ECM Coffee Machines Melbourne Dealer or Repair Centre, contact us today. We’re specialised in the repair and maintenance of ECM machines,
Servicing of your coffee machines can be performed at our service centre for a nominal fee and before deciding to invest in repairing the coffee machines you can also ask us for an free estimate for the cost of the repairs.

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Why Choose an ECM Machines?

ECM espresso machines are revered for their quality. Their polished stainless steel body gives them an impressive design, while features like a quiet rotary pump, individually programmable dosing, the option for a water tank or a fixed water connection, a professional quick steam and hot water valve, and individual brew pressure adjustment ensures you can get your coffee exactly the way you like it.

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Original price was: $4,399.00.Current price is: $3,750.00.
Out of stock
Original price was: $6,989.00.Current price is: $5,999.00.
Original price was: $7,999.00.Current price is: $7,399.00.

ECM Coffee Machines

ECM Mechanika Max

Original price was: $4,599.00.Current price is: $4,069.00.
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Original price was: $3,899.00.Current price is: $3,450.00.

ECM Coffee Machines

ECM Mechanika Slim VI

Original price was: $3,499.00.Current price is: $3,144.00.

ECM Coffee Machines

ECM Puristika

Original price was: $2,480.00.Current price is: $2,099.00.

ECM Coffee Machines

ECM Synchronika

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Original price was: $5,499.00.Current price is: $5,039.00.

Why Choose Eastlink for ECM Espresso Machines Servicing or Repair?


We have a team of highly skilled and trained coffee machines technicians and offer both repairs and servicing in our service centre in Wantirna


We make sure that only genuine manufacturer parts are used for your coffee machines


We provide a 3 month warranty with any product that we repair so you can have peace of mind


Our experts have been servicing and repairing coffee machines for years.

Servicing your Coffee Machines involves:


Leva group Maintenance


DDescaling the boiler


Coffee pouring setup


Full internal inspection

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