E61 Group Coffee Machine Repair

E61 Group Coffee Machine

E61 group Coffee Machine is one of the premium home espresso machines used to make a latte, coffee drinks and cappuccinos. It is the common heat exchanger, or dual boiler type of espresso unit used mainly at residential fronts.

If you want to buy E61 Group coffee machine or want to hire someone as your machine is not working fine, consult with our team from any one of the stores of EastLink Espresso and get services on E61 Group coffee machine sales and repair at an affordable price. You can also raise your questions regarding the E61 coffee machine sales and repair and get answer via email. We are just a call away- – 03 9738 2516 or mail us at – [email protected]. You can get in touch with us from our official website- https://eastlinkespresso.com.au/

At EastLink Espresso, we have huge collection on latest models of E61 coffee machines for sale. Besides offering new coffee machine units, we also provide servicing and repairs. We understand that there are certain factors associated with the coffee machine repairs, and we try our level best to fulfil the demand of the customers. We offer the best repair and services related to your E61 Group coffee machine out of the warranty. Whenever you face any problem regarding the functioning of the E61 coffee machine, you can reach us through the customer service centres. Our team has several years of experience and knowledge in this field. They know the right techniques or procedures to repair the E61 group coffee machine.

What does the E61 coffee repair service include?

At EastLink Espresso, we provide a wide range of services like-

E-61 Group Service – Leva service 

Plumbed in or  Water tank Service available 

Coffee pouring setup cleaning and reinstallation

Full internal inspection of the machine

Hence, want to get your own new E61 group coffee machine or repair from an expert, visit EastLink Espresso. Reach us to get information about E61 group Coffee Machine Sales and repairs.

What makes EastLink Espresso the best?

Though you can come in contact with various coffee machine sales and repairing service providers, EastLink Espresso is the most trusted one. Below are some of the points that make EastLink Espresso your ultimate choice-


We have a big collection of home and semi-commercial coffee machines for home use.


We provide a wide range of services on coffee repairs


We have no hidden cost


We also give 100% client satisfaction


Our team has several years of experience in this field

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