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How The Izzo Vivi PID Delivers The Perfect Espresso Every Time

Annual coffee sales in Australia are at $3 billion, with 1.3 million coffees sold every day and 1.26 billion cups consumed each year.

It’s not the quantity but the quality of coffee that makes it special. While other countries might prefer the extravagant sugary variety, Australians like to keep it simple and prefer coffees such as the long black or flat white.

With Australia’s obsession with coffee, people expect the same high standards at home or the cafe.

So, if you’re thinking… can I get café-quality coffee at home? The answer is “Yes”.

Coffee machines give Australians a chance to skip the queues and bring barista-style coffee into their homes. So, whether you prefer a cappuccino, espresso or anything in between, finding a coffee machines to suit your taste can be quite daunting–because of the variety in the market.

The Izzo Vivi PID makes choosing the right machines easier.

izzo vivi pid

Izzo coffee machines

At around $3,000 per unit, its performance is difficult to beat at that price point. A heat exchanger in a 1.8-litre stainless steel boiler allows you to steam milk and brew at the same time while maintaining a constant temperature.

As any coffee lover knows, that’s exactly what high-quality espresso shots and milk require. Not to mention the time saved.

But if the heating element makes you sit up and take notice, the Izzo’s powerful pump, solenoid valve, and heated E61 group head will make you wonder why you don’t already have a unit on your kitchen table.

The E61 helps maintain water at the right temperature as it passes through the portafilter, which it also heats.

The result?

Hotshots brewed at the proper temp and pressure, with no blowback or spray thanks to the solenoid valve.

For those unfamiliar with the internal workings of an espresso machines, the Group head, also known as the “group,” is where you insert the portafilter when preparing to brew espresso.

The portafilter or “portable filter” is where coffee is ground into before being placed in the “group” to brew espresso.

Ok great…but so what, you might say. Aren’t there any other high-quality machines?

Good question.

This is why I want you to see how the Izzo compares against the massively popular Rocket Appartamento and Mozzafiato espresso machines.

Here’s a list format that captures the features that make the Izzo Vivi ID so special.

  • PID (the Mozzafiato has it while the Appartamento does not have it)
  • Shot Timer
  • Brew Pressure Gauge (the Mozzafiato has it while the Appartamento does not have it)

Improper shot timing can ruin the taste of your espresso. Too fast and the espresso will be weak, and acidic. Too long and the espresso will be taste sour or bitter.

Having a shot timer allows you to diagnose issues with your shots, which is an unrivalled advantage. The Izzo is the only one of the three that has this feature.

PID temperature control allows you to adjust the boiler temperature with the touch of a button – Much easier than the Appartamento, which requires you to crack open the machines and adjust a screw.

Now, while you might get away without a PID or a shot timer…having a brew pressure gauge is critical.

A low bar count extraction – say in the 4 to 5 bar range – means is water is getting through your coffee grounds way too easily. Which could mean that your dosage, grind or tamp pressure needs to be adjusted.

A brew pressure gauge will tell you what needs to be tweaked.

As you can see, the Izzo fares pretty well against two of the most popular brands in the market… making it worth its price.

The Izzo coffee machines is no slouch in the looks and usability department either.

Its classic Italian lining blends in with its dazzling stainless-steel body, giving it a stunning look.

The levers, knobs and PID controls are easily accessible, while steam controls are easy to manage with a twist of the dial.

No wonder the Izzo coffee machines gets rave reviews. Here’s an extract from what a happy customer had to say about his purchase (an extract of a review on ‘Chris’ Coffee’).

[Keith, on Feb 19, 0002]
“I did an extensive amount of research and I am very pleased with this machines. This is a significant upgrade from my Silvio. I hated having to wait between espresso shots and steaming. I also did a fair bit of reading on the PID/no PID and PID functionality on an HX machines. In the end, this price and combination of features carried the day.”

Izzo Coffee Machines – Bottom line?

At around $3,000 or less, you get an easy to use, feature-rich, professional style Izzo Vivi PID that delivers the perfect espresso every time.

Click here to order your Izzo Vivi PID today.