Saeco Aulika Evo


A modern machine that is easy to use and an excellent addition to any social gathering, it is a fantastic choice for any coffee lover.

  • Backlit capacitive interface
  • Photorealistic beverage icons
  • Easy maintenance


Designed for professional use, Aulika Evo Focus provides the necessary technical characteristics for continual use, always guaranteeing a perfect dispensing experience, from espresso to long coffee, and from cappuccino to latte macchiato. The large capacity of the water and coffee containers, the one-touch milk drinks, the latter also includes a high speed milk function that speeds up preparation time, all guarantee reliable performance even in locations with a high daily consumption.

The quality of the parts, attention to every detail and its modern design make Aulika Evo Focus the perfect professional coffee machine for work environments such as offices and small restaurants, where reliability and top quality dispensing are essential.


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