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Rocket Espresso Machines Melbourne

At Eastlink Espresso we stock all the Rocket Espresso Machines Australia models. Browse on our website to see all of our range and models.

Rocket Espresso is an Italian coffee machine brand, made in Milan which has been specialising in the making of domestic high-quality E61 coffee machines for home. They were the pioneers of the prosumer coffee machines range, with the production of the first Rocket Giotto Coffee machine.

The new range is based on the iconic Rocket Espresso platform, developed and improved for decades initially developed back in the early ’90s with the mission of filling a gap in the domestic coffee machine market. The machine that has revolutionised the world, designed for the real home barista enthusiast.

They were the pioneers of the prosumer coffee machines range, with the production of the first Rocket Giotto Coffee machine.

The Rocket Espresso machines come in a range of low to high end models, all of which share a sharp and streamlined aesthetic quality. The elegant finish on every machine makes them uniquely special and the espresso they produce is in a league of its own.

We can help you to find the right machine for your needs and your family, also we can provide training and set up in-store, and not less important, maintenance & servicing for the years to come. We recommend servicing your coffee machine every year or every time you buy 10 kg of our fresh and freshly roasted Coffee beans to receive a Free service on your machine.

If you are looking for Rocket Espresso Machines Melbourne Dealer or Repair Centre, contact us today. Servicing of your coffee machine can be performed at our service centre for a nominal fee and before deciding to invest in repairing the coffee machine you can also ask us for an free estimate for the cost of the repairs.

Do you want to see all the models available?  Rocket Espresso Coffee Machines Range

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We love Italian Coffee Machines and everything related to coffee in general!

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Why Choose Eastlink for Your Rocket Espresso Machine to perform the Servicing or a Repair?


We have a team of highly skilled and trained coffee machine technicians and offer both repairs and servicing in our service centre in Wantirna


We make sure that only genuinely manufactured back parts are used for your coffee machine


We provide 3 months warranty with any product that we repair so you can have peace of mind


Eastlink offer servicing and repair service for Coffee Machine since long time

Servicing your Coffee Machine involves:

Leva group Maitenance

Descaling the boiler

Coffee pouring setup

Full internal inspection

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