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progressive coffee machinesWe made this guide in order to make your life easier during your Automatic Coffee Machines choice.

In some cases an Italian Coffee Machines is something that you would spend 10 and + years of your life with, so for such an important commitment you want to make sure it is the right choice for you and your family.

We are here to help and guide you through your decision, we know it can be confusing so do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about your decision.

At Eastlink Espresso we think that anyone should enjoy learn a great cup of coffee at home with their domestic home coffee machines. Coffee is a journey and we have all been there, the learning curve is the fun part of the process.

We also understand that some people don’t feel the need to improve their coffee making skills and they just want to enjoy a cup of coffee at the touch of button.

Which ones are they?

There are 2 main type of coffee machines, the ones we normally call Automatic or Traditional / Manual.

Automatic or Manual Coffee Machines

Who are they for?

Automatic Coffee Machines are a popular choice for people who want to enjoy a cup of coffee made with minimal effort. These types of machines are designed around simplicity of use, quick heat up time, automatic rinsing cycles and flushing, pretty much there are not any skills required for using these machines.

How do they work?

In most of the cases they can be called “bean to cup” because they use a built-in grinder to grind the beans and an automatic brew-unit which tamps and extracts the coffee straight in your cup.

Generally the brew-unit can fit anything in between 4 to 12 grams of coffee, as opposed to a manual machines which can extract up to 25 grams.

For some people the extraction you get from an automatic machines can be not as strong as a manual machines, however, coffee machines manufacturers nowadays are definitely closing the gap.

What are the different options?

Some have a Milk Frother which sucks and froths the milk directly into your cup or can hold milk into a milk carafe. These are definitely the easiest one to operate as you essentially pressing a button and the machines would do everything for you

automatic coffee machines
Gaggia Cadorna Prestige
canva gaggia babila
Gaggia Babila
buying guide coffee machines
Gaggia Anima Prestige
gaggia academia front
Gaggia Accademia







Options with the Manual Steam Wand

Some machines have a steam wand inspired by the traditional coffee machines, so you would be in charge of steaming and frothing milk manually by using a milk pitcher. This  system allows you to reach up to 90C or more and are capable of stretching and producing silky barista quality milk with some effort and practice.

Gaggia Magenta PLus
Gaggia Magenta Plus
Gaggia Naviglio
buying guide
Gaggia Anima Focus
coffee gaggia cadorna plus
Gaggia Cadorna Plus







Are automatic coffee machines easy to maintain?

With automatic coffee machines you are normally required to empty trays, rinse  and wash some components on a daily or weekly basis in order to prevent problems to the machines.

The additional maintenance required is Descaling, Brew Unit cleaning Cycle and in some cases deep cleaning of the Milk Frother. You’ll just need to follow the default procedure on each machines.

Training and Eastlink Espresso Comprehensive Support

All machines we sell at Eastlink Espresso come with a Comprehensive Training and top class On-going Support, we are also the service agent for all the brands we sell. So you can rely on us for anything in the future. Be aware that some of the online websites would only generate a sale from you and would only get a commission. So for any issues you will rely on the importer which in some cases can be located in another state.

If you come to our shop we can show you how to use the machines and recommend you the machines that would suit your demand.

Give us a call for any questions on 03 9738 2516 or use our Contact page

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