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Rocket R Nine One vs Sanremo YOU

Rocket R Nine One Vs Sanremo You

Are you comparing these two pressure profiling coffee machines?

We are pretty excited to share out thoughts on this two high end pressure profiling coffee machines. Lots of people end up comparing them since on the paper they can be quite similar but they offer a slightly different approach.

The Rocket R Nine One has already been on the market for a few years now, but it’s still one of the best machines that can offer volumetric control and repeatable pressure profiling at the touch of a button.

It’s equipped with a large 3.6 litre steam boiler and a fully Saturated group with 1.9 litre coffee boiler. You definitely won’t run out of power!

Stainless steel is largely used for boilers, group head and group portafilters. The machine comes from a wise experience in the commercial field by Rocket Espresso. It is essentially a smaller version of their commercial Rocket R Nine version with no compromises.

Thanks to a Gear Pump and  a pressure sensor you are in control of the exact pressure during the extraction. You like a particular profile? Run it with the paddle and then save it. You want to use it as a volumetric machine so it can stop on its own? You can do it!

The machine has the option to save up to 5 pressure profiles + recording of a pressure curve, or can be used on the go with the fully manual function thanks to the brew paddle. The display shows the pressure curve in real time as well as the pressure gauge on the machine. Volumetric options for single and double shots as well can be programmed with each pressure profiles.

It is extremely user friendly and it is designed to give you that sort of experience that won’t get from another machine.

Rocket R Nine One Display

Sanremo YOU is one of the latest pressure profiling machine released. It packs up high tech stuff, like pressure control over flow instead of time only, an innovative rotary pump with DC motor for ultra silent operations. It’s probably the quietest machine in the market.

It’s definitely going to be smaller than the Rocket R Nine One, it’s about 10cm less in width.

The boilers have been designed to be quite small, but this is not a bad thing. The machine can react very quickly to the user inputs, there’s also a heating element installed in the group head for a quick heat up time. You get steam and coffee ready within minutes.

3 x different PID settings, brew boiler, steam boiler and group-head temperature. 6 Pressure presets profile + 12 user pressure profiles with ability to run pre and post infusion. We found the volumetric feature on the YOU to be extremely precise as well.

Sanremo you melbourne

The interface on the Sanremo YOU can be overwhelming, It’s definitely something similar to a Fighter Jet with lots of controls and settings, but over all the machine is extremely user friendly.

You can adjust the maximum brew pressure up to 12 bars or if you prefer it can be maxed out from the paddle. The rotation of the paddle is nice and smooth, just a joy to use.

The YOU is equipped with the Sanremo special version of their E61 group called SR61. Stainless steel is the main material for the construction of boilers, fittings and internals.

Were you comparing these 2 machines as well and you have more questions?

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