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ECM Mechanika Max Review 

ECM Manufacture has released the new Mechanika Max Coffee Machine.

The ECM Mechanika Max comes after a solid development program, with the intent of creating the best and true Smart Heat Exchanger coffee machine in the market.

ecm mechanika max review

So What’s the difference from a Traditional Heat Exchanger Coffee Machine?

Traditional Heat exchanger machines allow you to brew and makes coffees at the same time, but somehow lack of a true thermal stability and PID refinement. By design, many heat exchanger machines are popular to overheat the brewing water when the machine is idling. To get rid of this issue a cooling flush is required between shots. Also the heat up time can be quite long compared to a dual boiler machine.

Advanced Mode and Standard Mode

The system developed for the ECM Mechanika Max includes 2 x PID temperature probes as opposed to a standard HX system which only includes 1x temperature probe. Thanks to this system the home barista has the option to set a specific brew temperature without worrying too much about cooling flush and overheating issues.

Unique to the MAX is its group temperature regulation which allows the PID to monitor and control boiler temperature based on the temperature at the brew group rather than simply within the boiler. Temperature can be programmed in 1 degree increments and the PID doubles as a shot timer when the brew lever is engaged. As a result, it is the only smart heat exchanger espresso machine with the precision control to regulate brew water temperature. For more traditional operation, the MAX can also prioritise steam for milk drinkers while providing a cooling flush alert if the group is hotter than your designed temperature. In our test the machine performed exactly like promised by ECM. Simply set your brew temperature and forget, or if you prefer use to the Flush Advisor Function,

Build Quality and Features

The chassis of the ECM Mechanika Max is made of Stainless Steel, you don’t have to be worried about rust and scale corrosion. As with the rest of ECM line up the boiler is also made of Nautical grade Stainless Steel, so there’s no need of descaling the machine every year or so.

The small but sturdy commercial grade Rotary Pump equipped on this machine is nearly silent and it allows the machine to be either used with the internal water tank or plumbed in to mains water.

Angled commercial grade Steam and Hot Water valves are what you get with the ECM Mechanika Max, you won’t have trouble with over-tightening knobs, your wrist will also thank you too since these valves are and ease to use.

The water tank is one the largest in its class, 3 litre. In less than 30 cm this machine is ready to punch out coffee after coffee with no dramas.

Extra Functions

You get to set the Passive and Active pre-infusion stages on the Max. With Active pre-infusion you adjust the time of the pump kicking in, with Passive you set its pause, so the coffee puck can gently saturate and infuse all the flavour of your specialty coffee.

Automatic on-off time functions, yes the machine can turn on itself in the morning on and off for you!

Here’s a video released by ECM which will run you all the extra functions on the machine

Are you interested in buying the new ECM Mechanika Max – here’s a link from our store: ECM Mechanika Max

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