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ECM Coffee Machines MelbourneLooking at ECM Coffee Machines? Then this is the ultimate buying guide to make your life easier when choosing the best ECM Coffee Machines for you.

Buying a new piece of equipment is a big commitment and you want to make sure it’s the right choice for your needs (and for your pocket!) in most cases these machines will end up being with you for over 10+ years.

ECM Manufacture is a premium coffee machines brand, based in Germany and Italy that has been specialising in the making of domestic high-quality E61 coffee machines for over 25 years.

They were one of the first at adopting stainless steel as the only material for the production of boilers.

What’s the current line-up of ECM Coffee Machines?

This is the current line-up of ECM Coffee Machines on sale in Australia:

ECM Coffee Machines

Who are they for?

If you are looking for a true piece of excellent German engineering combined with stunning and classic Italian design, ECM coffee machines are the right choice for you. From the moment you activate the group-lever, you would always be left with a big smile on your face.

The home espresso fanatic who wants a machines that combines a premium experience and unrivalled “tank” build quality in a machines that makes serving a party just as enjoyable as your daily espresso.

What are the main differences between all the models?

The ECM Coffee Machines Australia line-up falls into 3 main categories: Single Boiler, Heat Exchanger and Dual Boiler

Single Boiler Machines

ECM Casa V buying guide
ECM Casa V
ECM Classika buying guide Melbourne
ECM Classika PID

The Single Boiler ECM Coffee Machines are the first step from the line-up designed for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality to budget. They pack premium features and build quality to create café quality performance in a very compact footprint.

The main difference from the rest of the ECM models is the fact that you can’t steam milk and make coffee at the same time, so these units are designed for people who drink mainly straight espresso and occasionally milk-based coffees.

The ECM Casa V has a 58mm commercial size portafilter with a brass boiler directly fitted on top of the group-head and a brew pressure gauge, unlike most of the competition in its class.

The ECM Classika PID on the other end has the glorious and stunning E61 group-head as well as the PID temperature control which has a built-in shot timer. This gives you control in real-time of the brew temperature and our opinion, it’s the best espresso machines for the espresso purist.


  • Small footprint and compact design
  • Takes less time to heat up
  • Cheaper than the other models


  • They’re not designed for people who want the steam and brew shots on the go and at the same time
  • Can be tricky to use when switching in between brewing and steaming

Heat Exchanger Machines

ECM Mechanika Slim guide
ECM Mechanika Slim
ECM Mechanika Profi
ECM Mechanika IV Profi
ECM Technika V Profi
ECM Technika V Profi
ECM Elektronika Guide
ECM Elektronika II Profi

The ECM Heat Exchanger Machines are the most popular options. A combination of simplicity, consistency and powerful performance makes these the preferred machines for the regular latte or cappuccino drinkers.

With the ECM Heat Exchanger Machines, you can simultaneously brew espresso and steam milk at the same time. They have large boilers designed to cater to large demands and needs (you would never run out of steam pressure!)

Coffee brew water constantly circulates in and out of the boiler through a separate circuit called Heat Exchange. Thermal stability is regulated by a thermo-syphon system which was invented back in the early 60s with the adaption of the E61 group-head. There’s a reason why they’re still using it!

With the PID equipped models like the Technika V Profi, you can also adjust the temperature for steam and coffee but there is a correlation between both temperatures and cannot be adjusted individually. With a bit of time, you can find the right temperature for you. You also get a shot timer with it.

The versions with a toggle PID like the Mechanika Slim VI are essentially a ‘plug and play’ and perhaps are designed for people who are looking for something easy to use with limited control but full power and experience.

The ECM Mechanika Slim is one of the most compact and stylish machines. Less than 25cm in width and a huge 2.2-litre boiler, this is the best coffee machines in its class.


  • Simple to use, with lots of steam pressure available
  • Tons of steam power
  • Plug and go


  • You can’t directly see what brew temperature you are adjusting
  • Can take up to 20/30 minutes before making a cup of coffee
  • There’s a great price jump from the single boiler range

Smart HX Machines

ECM Mechanika Max Review comparison
ECM Mechanika Max

The newest ECM Mechanika Max is the oone of the only smart heat exchanger in the market. This machine as opposed to a standard Heat Exchanger allows you to control direclty the brew temperature. Thanks to the addition of a secondary temperature probe and a different software. This machine also packs up some additional features unseen in the other models, like pre-infusion time, automatic on-off function, advanced mode etc.. it’s definitely going to be a machine for someone looking to get the lot in a extremely small footprint


  • Extremely precise for being a hx machine to use
  • Tons of steam power with boost mode
  • Can be plumbed in, and it less than 30cm wide


  • Can be quite complex for a beginner
  • The drip tray is smaller than other models
  • There’s a great price jump from the standard hx machines

Dual Boiler Machines

ECM Synchronika Buying Guide
ECM Synchronika

The ECM Synchronika is a stunning and powerful dual boiler machines. The best ECM coffee machines in the line-up.

Like on all dual boiler coffee machines, the ECM Synchronika has two dedicated boilers, one for steam and one for brew water. This gives you full control over the brew and steam temperatures.

If you are into specialty coffee and you are chasing the god shot this is the right machines for you! Having accurate temperature control + better thermal stability will open thousands of variables to play with during the espresso-making process.


  • Powerful with full control on both brew and steam
  • You can turn off the steam boiler when not in use
  • Heats up faster than the heat exchanger machines due to smaller but individual boilers


  • They have more of a complex design and more things can go wrong
  • A ‘bigger’ investment compared to the other units, you may want to invest money in a grinder first

Do they have a water reservoir and can they be plumbed in the main water line?

All domestic ECM Coffee Machines have an internal water reservoir. Between 2.8 and 3 litres in size, depending on the models.

The models equipped with the Rotary Pump, like the Mechanika MaxSynchronika, Technika V Profi or Mechanika IV Profi can also be connected to the main water line.

Assistance with the Purchase

We are here to help and guide you through your decision,  so do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about the points above.

At Eastlink Espresso we think that anyone and everyone should enjoy learning to make a great cup of coffee at home with their domestic home coffee machines. Coffee is a journey and we have all been there, the learning curve is the fun part of the process.

Training and Eastlink Espresso Comprehensive Support

All machines we sell at Eastlink Espresso come with comprehensive training and top-class ongoing support. We are also the service agent for all the brands we sell, so you can rely on us for anything in the future. Be aware that some of the online resellers would only have an interest in getting a commission out of your sale, without providing you after-sales support.

If you visit our shop we would love to show the differences between the units on sale and provide you with our valid and honest opinion you need during the purchase.

Give us a call for any questions on 03 9738 2516 or use our Contact Us page.

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