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Best Coffee Machines With Grinder 2022

Nothing beats the flavour of a steaming hot cup of coffee with freshly ground beans. When you compare the flavour between freshly ground beans and pre-ground beans from the supermarket, you can certainly taste the difference. But to achieve that freshly ground bean flavour, you need the best coffee machines with a grinder.

A grinder stores whole beans in your coffee machines and grinds them on demand when you’re ready for your brew. So how do you choose the best coffee machines with a grinder? In this article, we’ll share our top recommendations for 2022.

Lelit Combi $1299

You’ll have great control over the coffee grind with the Lelit Combi at work! The conical burrs in the grinder create a fine consistency of coffee and the micro-metric adjuster allows you to make the smallest of adjustments to achieve the perfect grind.

Taking up just 32 cm of bench space, this is the best coffee machines with a grinder for those short on room.

Gaggia Anima Focus $1299

This machines is the entry-level offering for the Anima range. Equipped with a 100% ceramic grinder that converts coffee beans into powder to extract the maximum level of flavour. There are 5 different settings of grind, meaning you can opt for a finer grind if you like your coffee full-bodied or go for a coarser grind if you prefer your coffee on the lighter side.

With its glossy black Italian designer finish, this coffee machines has got the looks and the goods to deliver great-tasting coffee.

Gaggia Anima Deluxe $1399

This small but mighty machines is one of the best coffee machines with a grinder in our opinion. A classic bean to cup machines with the added convenience of an automatic milk frother. Take your milk from the container via the spout, frothing it internally and deliver it straight into your cup. This machines also allows you to program in your favourite drinks based on strength, temperature and length.

If you love the taste of freshly ground coffee and want the machines to do all the work for you, this is the best coffee machines with a grinder for you.

Gaggia Cadorna Prestige $1599

This is the best coffee machines with a grinder and pre-ground bean functionality. With 10 different grind settings, even the fussiest of coffee drinkers will be able to get their brew perfect every time. And if you drink decaffeinated coffee, add your pre-ground beans into one of the handy chutes to produce a great shot.

If you don’t like frothing milk you’ll love the one-touch milk function, producing silky hot milk effortlessly.

Gaggia Babila $2590

Brew 7 different varieties of coffee at the touch of a button with this robust coffee machines from Gaggia! Featuring an ultra-quiet ceramic burr grinder, there are 15 different grind settings available so that you can grind your perfect roast every time. There’s also a bypass doser for pre-ground brewing too.

This is the best coffee machines with a grinder for those who love the one-touch functionality but still like to have control over their cup of coffee.

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