Is your Sunbeam coffee machine not functioning the way it’s supposed to? Before you send it off for Sunbeam coffee machine repairs, it’s important to make sure that the issue isn’t something that could be easily fixed. After all, why spend money on Sunbeam coffee machine repairs when you may not need to?

sunbeam coffee machine repairs

In this article, we’ll cover 5 easy ways to fix your Sunbeam coffee machine. The following coffee machine issues are the most common and can be easily fixed at home.

Coffee isn’t coming out of my Sunbeam coffee machine

There’s nothing more frustrating than craving your morning coffee and no coffee is coming out! There could be several reasons this is happening. Possible causes for no coffee coming out of your machine include; no water in the reservoir, your coffee grind is too fine, there’s too much coffee in the filter, your machine isn’t plugged in properly or the coffee has been compressed too much.

Before you send your machine away for Sunbeam coffee machine repairs try the following:

  1. Check the water in the reservoir, if it’s empty add some water
  2. Check the machine is plugged in and switched on
  3. Try grinding a medium ground coffee
  4. Fill your portafilter with less coffee and don’t tamp it too much

If following those steps doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s time to call a professional company like Eastlink Espresso.

Coffee is leaking from the edge of the portafilter

If coffee is leaking around the edge of your portafilter the problem is most likely your coffee machine technique over an issue with the machine itself!

Possible reasons for coffee leaking from the portafilter include; your portafilter isn’t rotated fully into the lock position or you’ve put too much coffee in the filter.

To resolve this issue simply make sure the filter isn’t too full and your portafilter is rotated to the full lock position.

The milk isn’t frothing properly

There are a few reasons why your Sunbeam coffee machine may not be frothing milk properly. This could be because you’ve run out of steam, the milk tube is blocked or the milk you’re using isn’t cold enough.

Before you send off your machine for Sunbeam coffee machine repairs try checking the water tank to ensure there is enough water, make sure your milk is always chilled before frothing and periodically clean the milk reservoir and frothing tube.

The control panel lights on my Sunbeam coffee machine are flashing

This one is a very easy fix! The reason your control panel lights are flashing is most likely because your water tank is out of water. To resolve this issue, simply add more water to the tank.

No need for Sunbeam coffee machine repairs!

The water is not being pulled in from the water reservoir

This issue usually comes up when the water reservoir tank isn’t inserted correctly in the machine. If you’re certain that the tank is inserted correctly and you’re still having issues with water not pulling through, it’s time to call a professional company like Eastlink Espresso.

Call Eastlink Espresso for Sunbeam Coffee

If you’ve tried fixing the problem yourself but you’re still experiencing issues with your Sunbeam coffee machine, it’s time to book it in for a service with Eastlink Espresso.

Give us a call today on 03 9738 2516 and let us help you get your Sunbeam coffee machine making delicious coffee again!